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The Pilbara Trailblazers are excited to announce their new program Karratha Trail Adventures. Set to begin on the 30th of April. Throughout the duration of the project, the club will be hosting skills development information sessions, trail running 'celebrity' workshops, and runs for all to enjoy. Learn more about how you can get involved and join the adventure. 

Karratha Trail Adventures is a FREE 12-week program designed to expose Pilbara people to the sport of trail running and provide opportunities to learn and develop trail running skills and explore local trails. To view the program schedule, click HERE


The education and skills development component of the program is to be delivered by experts and allied health service providers on topics such as how to trail run, running gear, hydration and nutrition, safety, support crewing, injury prevention and injury management. These sessions are aimed at introducing interested, new and entry level runners to the sport of trail running, to grow the skills of current runners and to highlight the volunteer opportunities within the sport, as well as elements appealing more broadly to local sports clubs, athletes and community members. Alongside this education component is a schedule of weekly trail runs, with multiple distance, speed and time options. Run for fun, or train for, one or both, of our two large scale trail running events – the Red Dirt Backyard Ultra (10 June 2023) and the Karratha Trail Adventures (22 July 2023).


Karratha Trail Adventures Race info and Manual

Please read on for General Information and Race Rules.


Schedule of Events 

Friday 21st July 2023

4:00pm - 6:00pm 

Check-In for Runners Location TBA, please check the Facebook site closer to the time for details.

Saturday 22nd July 2023

06:30am - 07:30am Final Check-In opens

07:40am - 8:00am 

Pre-race briefing 



8am – Go Gecko – kiddy dash 1km race start 

8:20am – Big Bungarra 21km race start (Click here for the GPX file on Strava)

8:20am – Loopy Lizard 14km race start (Click here for the GPX file on Strava)

8:20am – Happy Tata 7km race start (Click here for the GPX file on Strava)

Click here if you don't know what a GPX file is (It's ok, i've only just learned what they are)

Saturday 22nd July 2023


Race finishes


Final Presentations


There is also an opportunity to run this as a virtual event! So how this works is; you enter and run your chosen event. Send us the screenshot showing the date and distance and we will send your entry goodies out to you.

run must be done on the weekend of the 22nd-23rd of July 2023.

  • Virtual Happ Tata: you get a finishers medal!

  • Virtual Loopy Lizard: you get a finishers medal and a Pilbara trailblazers flask

  • Virtual Big Bungarra: you get a finishers medal, a Pilbara Trailblazers flash, and a PT buff!





Welcome to the Karratha Trail Adventures. This Race Manual provides Karratha Trail Adventures Runners and their  Support Crews with the information they need to prepare for and participate in the Karratha Trail Adventures events. 

Public Authorities 

The conduct of the Karratha Trail Adventures is dependent on the cooperation of the City of Karratha and  Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation. Without the cooperation of all parties, the Karratha Trail Adventures would not  get the support it does to exist. In order to gain their approval, a number of their requirements have been incorporated in the Rules for the Karratha Trail Adventures So that Karratha Trail Adventures can continue in  future years, all Runners and their Support Crews are requested to abide by the Rules as specified in this document  and to obey any lawful directions given by authorised members of the above organizations. 

Race Organisation 

Subject to the superior powers of the above-mentioned Public Authorities, the Race Director, has authority on all  matters related to the Karratha Trail Adventures during the event. 


The success of the Karratha Trail Adventures is dependent on the help of a plethora of volunteers giving up their  time to assist you in reaching your goals. Please treat them with respect and thank them when you have the  opportunity. 

Race Date and start location 

The Karratha Trail Adventures races will start at 8am on Saturday 22nd July 2023. The event is located at the rear  of the BMX Club, Rosemary Road Baynton, Western Australia.  

There are four races in the series, The Big Bungarra 21km (8:20am start), Loopy Lizard 14km (8:20am start), Happy  Tata7km (8:20am start) and Go Gecko kiddy dash 1km (8:00am start).  

If the field is significantly larger than anticipated we may start each of the three main races 5 minutes apart but  that decision will be made on the day. 

Parking will be across Rosemary Road on the gravel area. Vehicles are not to be driven to the staging area, unless  specifically advised by Race Organisers.

Qualification  Age 

Runners must be at least 18 years of age on the day of the race for the Big Bungarra 21km. Runners must be over  16 years of age and have running experience and parental consent to run in the Loopy Lizard 14km, runners of any  age can run the Happy Tata 7km if accompanied by a parent / responsible adult that runs with the child for the  entire race. Runners 12 years and under can run the Go Gecko 1km race. 


All entrants are expected to have a reasonable base fitness level, with regular running experience. Entrants are expected to be in good health and trained sufficiently to complete the distance selected. By entering, runners are  acknowledging that they have trained appropriately for the Karratha Trail Adventures events. 

The Go Gecko 1km kiddy dash course is on gravel / dirt but is a flat course, there may be some uneven footing, all  three races are run over gravel and trail terrain with differing level of technical elements and elevation.


The Happy Tata 7km has 120m of elevation and has a small amount of technical elements. 

The Loopy Lizard 14km has 221m of elevation and has some technical elements throughout the run, most of the  trail is well worn and fairly good trail.  

The Big Bungarra 21km has 532m of elevation and is quite technical especially during parts of the final 7km’s  where runners may be fatiguing. We suggest runners consider utilising poles if they have them for the Big Bungarra – poles are not necessary though. 

It is recommended that participants download the GPX file from Strava or from our website and explore the  course(s). Pilbara Trailblazers also have long runs each Sunday on the course taking participants through sections  of each distance, all participants are recommended to attend these free sessions. 

Maximum Number of Entrants and entry process 

Entries will open at 8:00am AWST, Friday 19 May, 2023. The race will be capped at 150 participants. Waiting List 

In the event that the maximum number of Entries is reached, a Waiting List will be compiled with entries received  in chronological order. If any accepted Entrants withdraw then their places will be offered to those on the Waiting  List. Such offers must be accepted and the Entry Fee paid within three business days or the vacant place will be offered to the next person on the Waiting List.


Entry Fees


Big Bungarra 21km $60.

Loopy Lizard 14km $40 

Happy Tata 7km $20 

Go Gecko 1km $10 

Entries will close at 20:00pm WST 21st July 2023 unless sold out. 

Any entries received after this date will be accepted only on the discretion of the Race Director. Postponement or Cancellation 

It is possible that some kind of unforeseen event or emergency, such as a bushfire or flooding, might prevent the  Karratha Trail Adventures from going ahead. In that case, as much notice as possible will be given to all entrants. 

Should the event need to be cancelled due to natural causes/disasters out of our control, then no refund will be  offered. 

Should the event be cancelled by the organisers for other reasons, then race organisers will endeavor to provide  an alternative date or some level of refund to entrants. The amount of this refund will be determined by the level  of expenses incurred at the time the decision to cancel the event is made. The refund may not be for the full  amount paid.  


Any entrant withdrawing from the Karratha Trail Adventures prior to 3rd July 2023 will receive a credit minus a $30  administration fee, this credit can be utilized for another event or merchandise. Alternatively the full registration  may be transferred to another participant. Strictly no refund applies for cancellations after this date. 

Race Numbers 

Race numbers will be provided at bib collection prior to the event and must be worn in a prominent position on  the front of shirts.  

Unofficial Runners/Pacers 

No unofficial runners or pacing of any kind is permitted in the Karratha Trail Adventures course. Disqualification 

The Race Director may prevent any runner from starting (even after their entry has been accepted) or continuing  in the Karratha Trail Adventures events if any of the following occurs: 

  •  The runner or their support crew breach race rules

  • It is decided that the runner may be placing themselves or others at any risk whatsoever. •

  • Any other reason deemed sufficient by the Race Director. 

Awards & Presentation 

There will be a Presentation Ceremony where awards will be made to the male and female 1st, 2nd & 3rd place for  each race (with the exception of the Go Gecko race). This is to be held under the official’s marquee at the  start/finish line as soon as possible at the conclusion of each event. 


Every effort will be made to publish detailed Race Results on the Karratha Trail Adventures web page by 9:00pm on  24 July 2023. 

Race Day Check-In 

All runners must check in at the starting marquee between 4:00pm-6:00pm Friday 21st July or between 6:30am and 7:30am on Saturday 22nd July 2023. PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE AT THE LAST MINUTE. 

Pre-Race Briefing 

There will be a Pre-Race Briefing which must be attended by all Runners and Support Crews at 7:40am 20 minutes  prior to the race at the start line. The Pre-Race Briefing will also be posted on the Pilbara Trailblazers FaceBook  Page on Friday 21st July. Please comment on there that you have read and understood, and ask any questions that  you have. 


Runners must follow the specified course at all times. If runners leave the course (ie toilet break) they must return  to the same point before proceeding. There will be course markers for each of the different races out of course,  they will be shown to you in the pre-race briefing. There will also be a tail runner / sweeper behind participants on each course to limit participants getting lost.  

The course runs in the vicinity – but not on – the Water Corporation Road, please be aware of vehicles on the  Water Corporation Road. Also the very end of the course crosses the gravel extension of Rosemary Road, vehicles  may be utilizing the gravel extension of Rosemary Road. 

GPX files are available to download on the Karratha Trail Adventures Strava Club, Pilbara Trailblazers Strava Club  and Pilbara Trailblazers web page. 

Detailed Directions

Electronic maps will be provided on the website for download in GPX format.  

Trail Etiquette 

Runners should show courtesy to all people including other path users encountered on the Karratha Trail  Adventures course. The course will be open to other users including bicycles on the day. 

During the race it is imperative to be courteous to other runners. If you know there is a runner trying to over take  you on single track please try to move aside so they can pass safely, if you are trying to over take please make  yourself known and wait for a safe place to overtake. 


Track Conditions 

Entrants must cope with a combination of track surfaces. The track is all gravel trail, both soft and hard surface,  with technical elements. Rocky outcrops, elevation, uneven surfaces and trip hazards exist on the trail. Runners  should be careful and take caution. There is also spinifex all around the trail, please be mindful not to touch it. 

Water Crossings 

There should be no water crossings on course, however if there is unseasonal rain the course may have water. This  will be detailed in the pre-race briefing. 

Course Marking 

Karratha Trail Adventures course(s) are each one continuous loop. All turns at intersections will be marked  suitably. Stay on the course for your chosen distance. The Big Bungarra 21km, Loopy Lizard 14km and Happy Tata  7km all start as part of the same course and then turn off at marked intersections into their separate courses. 


The race will start in an anti clockwise direction and continue the same throughout the race. Traffic 

Runners are likely to encounter bicycles, pedestrians, dogs and possibly dirt bikes on the loop as it is an open  recreation area. Please use common trail etiquette. There may be vehicles utilizing the gravel extension of  Rosemary Road, there is sign posting and a traffic management plan in place for this section of road. Participants  run in the vicinity of, but not on the Water Corporation Road, vehicles may be utilizing this road, there is no need  for participants to be on this road. 


There are significant and possibly life threatening medical risks associated with running the Karratha Trail  Adventures races. Please note that while first aid kits will be available at the aid station(s), and all tail runners will 

carry a first aid kit, volunteers are not necessarily qualified in first aid. We will therefore endeavor to have first aid volunteers on hand throughout the event. 

Potential risks from running long distance races include but are not limited to: 

• Renal shutdown (a.k.a., kidney failure) 

• Hypothermia 

• Hyperthermia (heat stroke/heat exhaustion) 

• Hyponatremia (low sodium and chloride levels) 

• Injuries from Falling 

• Overuse Injuries 

• Extreme fatigue 

• Snake and spider bites (sit down and wait for help, do not move) 

It is recommended that competitors adequately research these and other potential risks before competing in the  Karratha Trail Adventures races. If runners experience any of the above they should try calling on their mobile  phone for assistance. The Pilbara Trailblazers numbers are (Zoe RD) 0409 554 224 and Jacinta (ED) 0436 380 005 and you should key these numbers into your phone’s directory in advance. 


The organisers of the Karratha Trail Adventures have public liability Insurance coverage through the Australian  Ultra Runners Association (AURA). This insurance does not provide any coverage for injury or illness to entrants,  spectators or support crews. All entrants, spectators and support crews are encouraged to ensure they have  medical insurance that covers them for injuries or illness sustained during the Karratha Trail Adventures races. 

Race Communications 

All of the Course has mobile phone coverage should you choose to carry one. All race officials will carry mobile  phones and have phone lists that include the numbers of organisers, other checkpoints, support crews and  emergency numbers (police, doctor, hospital, ambulance, poisons information, tow trucks, RAC, etc.). Race  officials, volunteers and marshals will also have two way radios for open communications.



The maximum average maximum temperature for Karratha in July is 26 degrees Celsius, with an average minimum  temperature of 14 degrees. We will have ice for competitors to cool themselves down should temperatures rise  above 30’c. 

Runner Safety


Runners must observe the following Rules. 

  • Runners will be required to wear appropriate sun protection – a hat, shirt, sun cream.

  • It is mandatory to carry water (at least 500ml) for the Big Bungarra 21km and Loopy Lizard 14km, there will be aid stations at the turn to finish for the 7km and 14km course other than at the corral area. Single  use plastic cups will not be utilized during this event. Runners can utilise hydration vests / belts and water  bottles

  • If the weather conditions are such that extremes in heat may be experienced, it is recommended the  following utilised by the runner: sunglasses  ice neck ties 

  • You must render all possible assistance to any person found injured or incapacitated.

  • Runners requiring medication should provide sufficient medication for the race, and allow for eventualities such as fatigue etc. 

  • There is a reasonable chance you may see a snake on the course. If you see a snake do not approach it.  Wait for it to move away before continuing on your course. If you see a snake and are surrounded by  runners, yell SNAKE so that the other runners are aware.  


The only checkpoint is at the start line, there will be two aid stations out on course to resupply water and provide  lollies on the Loopy Lizard and Big Bungarra courses. 


Runners may not store supplies or equipment of any description along the course. Should runners choose to utilise  poles on the courses they must carry them from the beginning. 


Water will be provided at the aid station(s). Participants in the Loopy Lizard 14km and Big Bungarra 21km must  carry at least 500ml of water with them. 


Aid stations will have water, and limited food options (lollies). Runners must ensure that they are responsible for  their own dietary requirements, hydration supplements and specific food requirements for the duration of the  event. 


Absolutely no littering is allowed anywhere along the course or start line. Breaches of this rule by runners or their  support crew will result in disqualification of the runner, not only for this individual event, but for the entire Pilbara  Trailblazers calendar. If runners take single use water bottles with them during the course, they must return with  those water bottles. 

There will be several general rubbish and recycling bins at the staging area. 


Runners who need to relieve themselves must utilise the toilets at the start line.


As soon as each race starts, you will be recognized as a finisher regardless of the distance you travel as it is a timed  event. There is no switching. 

Dropping Out 

Runners can withdraw from the Karratha Trail Adventures races at the start marquee. It is imperative that  withdrawing runners notify the Race Director or appropriate marshal IN PERSON of their withdrawal so that no  unnecessary concern is caused or searches are conducted. Should you be running on the course and decide that  you want to withdraw, please alert the tail runner and they will direct you how to get back to the start line and will  notify race officials so that you can be located and accounted for. 


For safety and for measurement purposes, we will have Sweepers (tail runners) following the last Runners in each  Race. These will be on foot and have good knowledge of the courses. 

Pacer Information


NO PACERS ALLOWED for any part of the Karratha Trail Adventures event. You can run alongside/ with other  participants. 

Support Crews 

Runners are responsible for the actions of their support crews and can be disqualified if their support crew  breaches the race rules and regulations. Support crews are only to assist their runners at the staging area. 

Support Crew Information 

Runners are permitted to have a support crew. 

The Rules governing Support Crews are as follows: 

  • Support Crew can only assist the runners at the designated aid station. 

  • Pilbara Trailblazers will provide maps with the locations of the aid stations that are accessible to support  crews and spectators along the course.  


Aid Station Protocol: 

 Crews must never act in such a way as to block runners access to the course or aid station. If this  happens, the supported runner may be immediately disqualified. 

 Crews must adhere to instructions of all officials, including requests to vacate certain areas of the  aid station. 

Support crews must stay out of the resupply area unless their runner is present. 

o Food, drink, medical supplies, etc, at the aid station are only provided for runners only. o No excessive noise or raucous behaviour is permitted. 

 Children are not allowed in the aid station area.


 Take care of facilities at checkpoint. Littering of any kind at any checkpoint (including the Start  and Finish) or along the course is strictly prohibited. 




Prior to the event contact Event Director on 0409 554 224 or email or


sign up and recieve the full schedule for the project plus a heads up on our workshops, trail runs and info sessions.

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